ESC is a pet free community

Entry Sign

17 Turquoise Ave. Naples, FL 34114
Enchanting Shores Co-Op 239-775-1221
Email: EnchantingShores@gmail.com

Enchanting Shores Wildlife

Occasional visitors to the park include bears (especially if you don't follow the rules for putting out trash) and the odd python and iguana (The pythons and iguanas are invasive species in Florida). More common are many species of birds - especially along Henderson Creek. Aside from providing boaters a route to the gulf, Henderson Creek is also home to manatees - which can often be seen in the pond beyond the ESC boat dock. You may also see an alligator or two and, if you are lucky, a dolphin in Henderson Creek.

Don't get too excited if you see large fish jumping in the creek. They are mullet - almost impossible to catch with a hook and line - though a cast net can be effective.

Bear Facts

Don't Feed the Bear


The state of Florida made a video about the bears. You can see it here: