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The plants and trees displayed below can be found within Enchanting Shores. Most of these photos were provided by Karen Beaver. (Note: names and info are above the photos - not below.) Click the link above the photos for more information.
South Florida Plant Guide



Look for it. Bougainvillea

Royal Palm Tree

a large majestic palm native to south Florida and Cuba. These line the parking area in front of the ESC clubhouse. Royal Palm Tree

Bird of Paradise

a native of South Africa and is closely related to the banana. Bird of Paradise

Bismark Palm

a native of Madagascar that grows to a height of 30 to 60 feet Bismark Palm

Coconut Palm

believed to be native to the Malay Archipelago or the South Pacific. Coconut Palm

Blue Plumbago

Not native to North America Blue Plumbago

Cabbage Palm

The sabal palm, or cabbage palm, is native to Florida and coastal regions of North and South Carolina and Georgia, and is the state tree of both South Carolina and Florida. Cabbage Palm

Royal Poinciana

Native to Madagascar, royal poinciana trees are known for their showy flowers. Also called flamboyant or flame tree, royal poinciana provides dappled shade in summer, with wide, spreading branches and brilliantly-colored flowers. This tree, planted in April 2022, is in ESC in front of the 'fish shed'. Royal Poinciana

Christmas Palm

Native to the Philippines. Few other palm species are so well suited for small sites. Although single stemmed, this species is often planted as multiples of 2 to 4 plants in a clump, which typically grow out from each other with gracefully curving trunks. Christmas Palm

Foxtail Palm

The foxtail palm is endemic to a very small part of Australia. Foxtail Palm

Lemon Tree

Want fresh lemonade? Lemon Tree

Magnolia Tree

This large, stately, native North American evergreen tree with its large, beautiful, saucer-shaped, fragrant flowers is almost a Southern landscape tradition. It is capable of growing to 80 feet in height.

Mexican Petunia

an ornamental plant species popular in southeastern landscapes and gardens Mexican Petunia

Norfolk Pine

(May need to confirm name.) Norfolk Island Pine

Pigmy Date Palm

The pygmy date palm is one of the most popular small landscape palms in Florida. It is single-stemmed, but is often grown in clumps of 2–4 closely spaced individuals which, when older, give the impression of a multi-stemmed palm (Figure 1). It grows to a height of about 12 ft with a spread of 6–8 ft. Pigmy Date Palm

Poinsettia Plant

The poinsettia is native to Mexico, and the Aztecs used them in their fall celebrations. Poinsettia Plant

Ponytail Palm

rarely exceeds 10 feet - not a palm - despite the name Ponytail Palm

Queen Palm

Native to South America Queen Palm

Brazilian Pepper Tree

Wild - Invasive - poisonous
(need to confirm name) Brazilian Pepper Tree


Origin: Coastal swamps in much of Florida; the Caribbean to South America. Buttonwood is a “clean” tree and is not associated with distinct seasonal leaf loss. Its medium textured dense foliage makes it ideal for use as a clipped hedge of varying heights or as a tall screen. Buttonwood

Wax Begonias, Dusty Miller, Bougainvilla

Located in the 2nd island near the club house. Wax Begonias, Dusty Miller and Bougainvilla

Aloe Vera

March 2017 in bloom on Aquamarine Ave: Aloe Vera Aloe Vera

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